Creative Director: Faith Miller
Programmer: Michelle Rather/Synaptechs
Video-Editor: Karma Franklin
Photographer: Amanda Edwards

Creative Director Faith Miller started Los Angeles Graphic Arts, in early 2008. With a Design career that started in 1998 and led her from Washington, to Montana, and finally (a few art degrees later) to the shores of Santa Monica, Faith's vision was to create a Design Studio collective where an elite group of individuals could join forces and bring to life ridiculously creative design concepts while supporting her habit of getting up late (studio hours are 10am to 8pm) and taking random Tuesday's off because the sun is hot and the surf is good. Faith is positively convinced that excellent typography has the capability of saving the world; she has an extreme aversion to the font Papyrus, occasionally dreams in code, and finds eggplant positively revolting.

Our Motto: If you found the font in Microsoft Word's default list, it's probably not okay to use it.