“Faith's passion for design is readily apparent.  But, beneath this surface, a boiling cauldron of all things pantone, font, look and feel, lies a greater value on which Concerto HealthPartners relies, that is, a strategic partner.  Faith won the "bake-off" interview competition over much much larger players because she brings to the table a fierce independence of viewpoint and the ability shape a vision and evolve it over time into a killer product.  Plus, she cares; this means she puts in long hours to help meet deadlines without having to be asked.  She actually wants you have to the best outcome possible.”

David Fraiberg
Principal, CEO
Concerto HealthPartners

"Working with Faith Miller at Los Angeles Graphic Arts has been by far the most seamless experience I've had in a long time with any graphic artist. Faith worked on the design and execution of an ad for print media for us from the first stage of conception to its completion in a professional and timely fashion.  I was impressed by her sense of appreciation and understanding of our needs and her ability to communicate them through her designs.  Her creative sensibilities are fresh and original while relevant to my industry.  I will definitely refer to Faith for any future design needs that we may have and of course, recommend her to anyone needing similar services."

Jasmin Saidi-Kuehnert
President & CEO
Academic Credentials Evaluation Institute, Inc. (ACEI)

"Faith and Los Angeles Graphic Arts have provided me with clear, flawlessly programmed websites that meet all my technical demands while staying on budget and on task. She understands the demands of my clients and is able to carry not their needs but our studio’s needs into the work she provides us consistently. I am truly pleased and proud of the elegant aesthetic and functional face of my online presence. "

Eric Schwabel
Owner, Photographer
Schwabel Studio

"I spent the better part of a decade imagining what my website would look like once I made the effort to sift through the many thousands of images I’d shot along the way. In all honesty, I’d never really made it past what I thought was a pretty cool homepage when Faith Miller at Los Angeles Graphic Arts stepped in. It turns out my pretty cool homepage was actually pretty weak and in need of a new direction. With Faith you get so much more than a beautiful new website or logo. You get her time, infectious energy and brilliant insight. She works directly and thoughtfully with each individual client to produce the branding they want and need to take their visions to the next level. Her attention to detail is second to none and results in the sort of branding any company would be proud to showcase. Above all else, Faith has a phenomenal sense of humor, making her a true joy to work with." "

Amanda Edwards
Owner, Photojournalist
Studio ACE

"I’m so glad I found Faith.  Not only is her work outstanding, she delivered it in much less time than I imagined it would take.  I had a vague idea of what I wanted, so she took that and enhanced it with her magnificent artistry.  She’s a gem, as a person and an artist."

Garrett Socol

“We would like to thank Los Angeles Graphic Arts for their rapid response and professional product.

We are a small startup marine research support company in the Seattle Washington area.  We identified an opportunity to compete for a large marine support engineering contract.  The opportunity required submission of a proposal in just a few days.  Although we were cost and technically competitive, our experience was not widely recognized –  we had no brand identity or website to substantiate our technical abilities and credibility. We commissioned Los Angeles Graphic Arts to design the branding and identity of company including logo, website, business cards and letterhead for this proposal and future business applications in a matter of days.  Los Angeles Graphic Arts provided these items under an extreme deadline they and were included as part of our proposal.  

We would like to thank Los Angeles Graphic Arts, because of their talent and expedited services we were awarded the contract.  Later our customer commented that the professional appearance of our website and proposal was a significant factor in our selection for our being awarded the contract. 
Thank you again to Los Angeles Graphic Arts for the rapid attention with a design that helped us win this important contract. We are looking forward to your help in upgrading our website as we grow.”

Gordon Roberts
Owner, Technical Consultant & Vessel Master
Sound Support Marine